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ISSC to launch World Social Science Fellows Programme


Younger social scientists engage in the ISSC-Belmont Forum Agenda-Setting Workshop, June 2011

The ISSC has been awarded a grant of 1,2 million euros from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, for a new World Social Science Fellows Programme.

This capacity development programme was developed over a period of nearly 3 years by the ISSC’s CoDATE team, under the chairmanship of Adebayo Olukoshi, and will be launched in September 2011.

The Programme will have a duration of 4 years, targeting the next generation of social science leaders from South and North, who are working in a cross-disciplinary way on key global development issues.

At its core there will be convened a series of fortnight-long Fellows Workshops, where younger social scientists receive training from more senior colleagues (including select world science leaders in their fields) to inspire and upgrade their academic and teaching work. The Programme aims to benefit personally around 60 young scholars per year, and their “home” scientific institutions thereafter.

A feature of the programme will be the active promotion of and ongoing support for networking amongst the Fellows participants before and after the Workshops. Participant Fellows will also be integrated systematically into ISSC Flagship Programmes such as the World Social Science Forum and the World Social Science Report.

Further information will be available here in the coming months.

July 2011

  Article Source : ISSC
July 28, 2011