International Council for
Philosophy and Human Sciences

Established in 1949, at the initiative of UNESCO, CIPSH is comprised of scholarly organizations that conduct and encourage research in the fields of philosophy and the various disciplines belonging to the humanities in the broadest sense of the term. You will find its current active members in the attached file.

In 2014, CIPSH undertook a major renewal process and it is currently engaged in relevant international projects, namely the preparation of the World Conference of the Humanities, with UNESCO and the Foundation for the World Conference of the Humanities.

We believe that the aims and scope of CIPSH and International Federations and national or regional main institutions representative of the Humanities remain convergent, and that Humanities play a major role in society. In this sense, we would like to invite all bona fide institutions that agree to our Constitution to engage collaboration and membership of CIPSH.

Expressions of interest for affiliation to CIPSH should be sent, with a copy of the statutes, to